Perhonjoki Valley Geneological Association

was founded in the spring of 1988. The domicile of the association is the municipality of Veteli and the area of ​​operation is the municipalities of Halsua, Kaustinen, Perho and Veteli in the Perhonjoki (Perho river) Valley. The premises and archives are located in the “Syytinkikamari” in Veteli, on the 1st floor of the Suojala building of the school center, Koulukuja 1, 69700 Veteli

The purpose of the association is to promote genealogy and other traditional culture. In order to create better research opportunities, the association acquires genealogical and other traditional material, organizes presentations and engages in publishing activities. The association is voluntary organization, we do not have paid staff.

The association has its own pennant. Yellow family tree on a blue-white background. The tree starts at the four roots, reflecting the parishes in the area. The branches of the tree cross like the families in the history.

The association has an average 100 annual members. A letter of membership is sent to about 110 addresses annually. Nearly half of the members live outside the area.

If you are interested in our activities, want to support our work or want to know your roots or the families and history of Halsua, Kaustinen, Perho and Veteli, you are welcome to contact us. 

We are happy to serve.


Board 2021

    • Juha Huusko, chairman, phone. 044 980 2033, huusju(at)
    • Outi Leväniemi, deputy chairman, phone. 0400 726577, outi.levaniemi(at)
    • Maria-Elisa Marjusaari, secretary, phone. 040 5789040, maria-elisa.marjusaari(at)
    • Jarkko Kentala, kentsu(at), phone 045 1333134
    • Keijo Hanhisalo, phone. 0400 569744, keijo.hanhisalo(at)
    • Heikki Känsäkangas, phone. 040 5656347, terttu.kansakangas(at)
    • Helena Poranen, phone. 040 5084794, helena.poranen(at)
    • Hilkka Anttila, hilkk.anttila(at)
    • Leo Koskela, leo.koskela(at)

Deputy members / local contact persons

    • Kimmo Torppa, Veteli
    • Reijo Möttönen, Perho
    • Veikko Myllymäki, Kaustinen
    • Voitto Kalliokoski, Halsua

Honorary member

    • Reijo Ojala
    • Adrian Niemi

The association has also a Facebook group